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Google to Delete Inactive Accounts: Act Now or Risk Losing Your Data!

Updated: Jun 5

Google announces the deletion of inactive accounts, citing security concerns, prompting users to take immediate action.

Credit: Reuters

Google has recently revealed its decision to delete inactive accounts that have remained unused for at least two years. This proactive measure aims to enhance security and mitigate potential risks.

Effective immediately, the updated policy will commence deleting accounts in December. To ensure user awareness, Google will issue multiple warning notifications before initiating the purge of inactive accounts, which will be conducted in phases.

The first accounts to be removed will be those created but never revisited by users. Notably, this policy solely applies to personal accounts, with organizations such as schools and businesses remaining unaffected.

Google's decision stems from internal research indicating that older accounts are more prone to using recycled passwords and outdated security measures. Consequently, such accounts are at higher risk of falling victim to phishing attacks, hacking incidents and spam-related issues.

This account deletion policy surpasses Google's previous approach in 2020, where users' content would be wiped from services but accounts would remain intact.

To safeguard your account, simply log in to your Google account or any associated service. Engaging in activities like reading emails, watching videos, performing searches or any other interaction, will help maintain account activity.

  • Google will delete inactive accounts inactive for two years to enhance security.

  • Multiple warning notifications will be sent before the account purge begins.

  • Initially, accounts created but never revisited will be targeted.

  • Personal accounts are affected, while schools and businesses remain untouched.

  • Older accounts are more vulnerable due to recycled passwords and outdated security measures.

  • Logging in and performing activities will protect your account.

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