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  • Lawrence Ng

Google’s First Pixel Fold May Have a 7.57-inch OLED Display Supporting LTPO

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

On 19 July 2021, display supply chain expert Ross Young leaked the possible specs of the highly anticipated Google Pixel Fold, which he said will have a 7.57-inch OLED display with support for 120Hz refresh rates and LTPO.

Google Pixel Fold

Credit: Waqar Khan

This can let users experience well-adjusted refresh rates that will change depending on what is being flashed onscreen. Meanwhile, having LTPO displays can enhance the battery life of the gadget.

According to Young, the device might don Samsung’s latest displays.

With these prospective features, Google could be unveiling its first foldable in the Google Pixel Fold. As rumours speculating that the Fold will be publicized in October 2021 during the to-be-announced Google Pixel Launch, it is possible that Google will enter the foldables arena two years after Samsung did when it released the Galaxy Fold.

Gadgets leaker Jon Prosser tweeted on 26 February 2021 that the device will come out in late 2021 or early 2022, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Samsung vs. Google

Another reputable leaker with the username Ice Universe posted details about the Samsung Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 on 19 July, noting that both will supposedly boast the “strongest folding screen technology” with UTG 2.0 and UPC.

UTG (ultra-thin glass) 2.0 is Samsung’s second-gen foldable glass panel that is expected to have better durability compared to its precursor. On the other hand, UPC or Under Panel Camera is a feature that the company initially revealed in January 2021. It aims to reduce the sizes of a device’s bezels by placing the camera below the screen.

Ice Universe added that the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 might have the lowest-quality cameras among Samsung’s smartphones.

While details surrounding Google Pixel Fold’s usage or absence of a UPC have not surfaced, tech enthusiasts were excited to hear that the foldable might have the UTG 2.0 as Young said that Samsung is reportedly supplying Google with its new panels.

The leaker said that other foldables could have the Samsung Display as well, specifically an upcoming Oppo smartphone with an 8.2-inch screen and a Xiaomi handset with an 8.1-inch panel.


Written by Sophia Lopez

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