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  • Lawrence Ng

Google Pixel 6 Finally Arrives in Singapore

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will finally be available here in Singapore. It has been a long wait for Singaporeans as the phones were first announced in October with countries like Australia and Japan being the first few countries in Asia Pacific to get it. The phone will be available in Singapore's Google Store starting today and it will be priced at S$999 for the Pixel 6 and S$1,299 for the Pixel 6 Pro.

We did a review of the Pixel 6 Pro late last year and we felt that even though it was a pretty good phone but somehow felt a little underwhelmed by the bugs it has. After using it for a few months and after a few updates from Google, the phone seems to work a lot better. The slow fingerprint sensor was one of the few big complaints by users and it does feel like it works a little faster now. The battery life has also been drastically improved for the Pixel 6 Pro and can last more than a day now.

But as Google fixed some of the issues, it has also inadvertently created some. Some users complained that the updates have caused their phones' Wi-Fi to turn off randomly and even the Bluetooth is switched off by itself. Luckily for us, we did not encounter any of these issues.

Singapore Zoo
Google Pixel 6 Pro - Singapore Zoo

Even though our journey with the Pixel 6 Pro was a little bumpy, you can't help but feel assured that Google is always there trying to help you fix whatever problem there may be with your phone. Plus you do get to bring around one of the best phone cameras out there in the market. From our initial test, it seems like it will out-perform the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra which was just recently launched. Check out our first impression of the S22 here.

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