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Google Partners with Mongolia to Bring Tech to Classrooms

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

[Edited] Google and Mongolia's government will provide 20,000 Chromebooks and digital skills training to strengthen US ties.

Credits: Reuters

Google and Mongolia announced a partnership to supply Chromebook laptops and training to Mongolian teachers.

The goal is to boost technology proficiency in classrooms. 20,000 new Chromebooks will go to teachers, with 10,000 receiving digital skills training. Mongolia views Google as a "key partner" in its long-term development plan.

"Through this initiative with Google, the life chances of Mongolia’s youth will not only improve, but our thriving start-up ecosystems and growth in high innovation sectors will be further supported" said Mongolian PM Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene.

Google will also provide 1 million Google Workspace accounts and 1,000 scholarships for tech skills training.

The deal comes as Mongolia seeks closer US ties amidst China and Russia. Mongolia also agreed with the US to cooperate on rare earth minerals, tech and energy.

Mongolia plays a growing role in tech as it has rare earth mineral deposits needed for EVs and defense tech.

With 65% of its 3 million population under 35, Mongolia is poised to benefit from the global digital economy.

  • 20,000 Chromebooks and training for 10,000 teachers

  • Part of Mongolia's long-term development plan

  • Seeks closer ties with US amidst China and Russia

  • Mongolia has rare earth minerals crucial for tech

Source: SCMP

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