Google Assistant Now Available on Sonos Speakers

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Cheryl Tan


Google Voice Assistant has finally been made available on Sonos speakers, allowing for even more convenience around the house. Want to skip a track or pause the music? Just call out to your speaker and do it all by voice, rather than have to fumble with your phone.

With this new update, Sonos users no longer have to purchase an additional Google Home speaker to be able to talk to their smart home appliances. Everything can be done by their pre-existing Sonos speakers.

An additional feature which is exciting is that Sonos speakers are one of the first to concurrently support multiple voice assistants on the same system. This isn’t quite as useful to us here in Singapore yet, since Amazon Alexa hasn’t come to our shores.

Once it does, however, Sonos users will be able to choose between Google Assistant and Alexa for their needs. Or better yet, use both! Users will be able to set individual assistants for each speaker, so if there’s more than one Sonos speaker in the house, each activation phrase (“hey/okay Google” or “Alexa”) will activate the relevant speaker assigned to that assistant.

Definitely exciting news for those who don’t want to be locked into a single ecosystem!

More information and purchasing options for Sonos speakers are available at their authorised distributor TC Acoustic’s website.