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  • Bryan Tan

Fitbit Inspire 3 Review: The Entry Point For Health And Fitness Tracking

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Whenever you hear 'wearable' and 'fitness' within the same sentence, more often than not, you'll think of Fitbit. They have not only established themselves as just a brand targeted towards fitness enthusiasts but in the wearable tech market as a whole. Their bands and watches are not only stylish and practical, it also works seamlessly with the ecosystem that they have developed.

Today we are taking a look at the Fitbit Inspire 3, the 3rd iteration of the Inspire health and fitness band. It's probably the most affordable latest-generation band you can get right now for reliable health and fitness tracking.


Looking back on the original Inspire, you can see how Fitbit has made little refinements over time. The Inspire 3 is relatively simple looking yet still maintains the same elegance for casual wear. It comes in 3 different colour options, Midnight Zen which is a very dark shade of green, Lilac Bliss, a light pink colour and an orange one known as Morning Glow, the main display unit is black for all variants. The unit we have here is the Morning Glow version but regardless of which one you pick you'll be able to easily swap out the bands for a variety of other options, such as a stainless steel one.

The default strap for all colours will be the silicone one, which Fitbit also includes an additional extended one for those with larger wrist.

Display and Interface

The main unit has a little screen measuring about half an inch long (using my ruler) and touch responsiveness doesn't disappoint in the slightest, even in wet conditions. The UI is also very well designed so I didn't need to spend too much time setting it up and remembering where everything is.

It starts from the watch face which, there are a variety of designs for (no custom images, for those wondering) and the menus are all arranged in the looping carousel so whichever way you swipe you'll be able to find your desired functions just as quickly. Swiping down gives you a bunch of quick settings options and swiping up gives you an overview of your fitness statistics such as steps, active minutes, etc.

The band also seamlessly updates the data in the app when it gets back within Bluetooth range of your phone so you can take a walk with just the band alone if all you only need track your steps and heart rate.

Overall just two minor nitpicks with the interface, there is a raise-to-wake function which I frequently depend on when I'm using smartwatches but during my time with the Inspire 3, I encountered moments when minor turns with my wrist won't trigger the screen so I had to raise my arm. Particularly inconvenient when I just want to glance at the time.