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FiiO FH5S Review: Impressive Semi-Open IEMs For Just US$260

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

FiiO strikes again with yet another excellent IEM, the FiiO FH5S, at just US$260 or around S$400.

So, let’s start with design. This is a semi-open IEM with a pretty interesting design that almost reminds me of, like, overlapping dragon scales. It’s pretty cool and I do like the rose-gold metal ring around the faceplate. All in all, one of the more unique designs from FiiO I’d say. You get the three DIP switches on the rear of each earbud for the bass, mids and treble, clearly marked. As you can guess, turning whichever switch on results in a bit of a boost for that range. Most of my testing was done on the standard setting with all the switches turned off, but if you prefer a bit more bass, turning on the bass switch does provide a bit more oomph.