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Elon Musk Unleashes Expletive-Laden Rant at Advertisers Who Abandoned X over Antisemitic Content

Updated: Jan 5

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has launched a scathing attack on advertisers who pulled their support from his social media platform, X, due to the presence of antisemitic content.

Credit: Elon Musk

In a fiery interview at the New York Times DealBook Summit, Musk did not hold back, telling the advertisers to "Go fuck yourself." This outburst followed his public apology for endorsing an anti-Jewish post on Twitter.

Musk's controversial tweet, in which he agreed with a user's false claim that Jewish people were inciting hatred against white people, sparked widespread criticism.

He described the user's statement, which referenced the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory, as "the actual truth." Musk now admits that his post was one of the worst he has ever made, acknowledging that it provided ammunition to both his detractors and antisemitic individuals.

The fallout from Musk's comments has put pressure on X as a whole, including Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino. However, an executive at the company confirmed that Yaccarino would remain in her position. In a post on X, Yaccarino expressed gratitude to partners who believe in the platform's work and emphasised its commitment to free speech.

Musk vehemently denied being antisemitic and warned advertisers not to think they could blackmail him by withdrawing their support. He stated, "If somebody's gonna try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money? Go fuck yourself." Musk even singled out Robert Iger, CEO of Walt Disney, which pulled its ads from X, saying, "Hey, Bob, if you're in the audience." Iger had earlier expressed that Disney did not view its association with X following Musk's actions as positive.

Lou Paskalis, founder of marketing consultancy AJL Advisory, believes that Musk's profanity-laden tirade against advertisers will have a lasting impact. Paskalis stated, "Musk's expletives against advertisers is the 'closing chapter' for brands doing business with X. They're not going to forget that."

Despite the backlash, Musk urged those who dislike him personally to consider the quality of the products his companies produce. He pointed to Tesla's electric cars and SpaceX's rockets as examples of his commitment to innovation and the environment. Musk claimed that he had done more for the environment than any other individual on Earth, based on Tesla's significant sales of electric vehicles.

Musk's controversial post coincided with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's warning about the alarming rise in antisemitism during the Israel-Hamas conflict. Schumer described it as a crisis that threatens the safety of Jews worldwide and the future of Israel. The White House also condemned Musk's promotion of antisemitic and racist hate.

Following the publication of Musk's tweet, major U.S. companies, including Walt Disney, Warner Bros Discovery and NBCUniversal parent Comcast, suspended their advertisements on X. The decision came after liberal watchdog group Media Matters reported that ads were appearing next to posts supporting Nazism. X subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit against Media Matters.

Musk acknowledged the possibility of X facing financial failure due to the advertiser boycott but remained defiant. He stated, "If the company fails because of advertiser boycott, it will fail because of an advertiser boycott. And that will be what bankrupts the company and that's what everybody on earth will know."

During his visit to Israel, Musk reiterated his opposition to antisemitism and hate speech. He received a symbolic dog-tag from the father of an Israeli hostage taken captive by Hamas, promising to wear it until all the hostages were free. Musk's wide-ranging interview covered topics such as freedom of speech, the environment and U.S. presidential politics. He expressed doubt about voting to re-elect President Joe Biden but did not disclose his preference for Biden's likely challenger, Donald Trump.

  • Elon Musk launches a profanity-laden attack on advertisers who abandoned X over antisemitic content.

  • Musk apologises for endorsing an anti-Jewish post and admits his tweet was one of his worst.

  • Pressure mounts on X, but Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino will remain in her position.


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