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Elon Musk Pledges Legal Funding for X Users Fired Over Posts

The CEO of X, formerly Twitter, says he will pay legal bills and sue employers who unfairly treat users for posting or liking content.

X formerly Twitter
Credits: REUTERS

Elon Musk announced on X late Saturday that the platform will cover legal costs for users who lose jobs over posts.

He added X won't limit funding and will target company boards too. Musk's comments followed a user's post about threats of lawsuits quickly changing U.S. company behaviours. This pledge comes amid X's falling ad revenue and organisational changes. However, X's user base reached a new high of over 540 million last month per Musk.

X still faces financial struggles though despite user growth. Ad revenue has dropped nearly 50% while debt remains high.

The platform renamed from Twitter to X in July under Musk. This marked a shift towards becoming an "everything app" after 17 years with the iconic Twitter bird logo.

  • X will fund legal costs if users fired for posts

  • Musk said X won't limit funding and will sue company boards

  • Pledge follows user growth but revenue declines

  • X faces challenges with ad revenue down 50% and debt


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