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Elon Musk Confirms Twitter Video App for Smart TVs

Updated: Jan 5

In an exciting announcement, Elon Musk, the owner of social media giant Twitter, revealed on Saturday that a Twitter video app for smart TVs is on the company's agenda.

Elon Musk
Credits: REUTERS

The revelation came as a response to a tweet suggesting the need for a Twitter video app, to which Musk simply replied, "It's coming." This brief yet impactful statement has generated significant buzz among Twitter users and media enthusiasts.

During an investor presentation on Thursday, newly appointed CEO Linda Yaccarino and Musk outlined Twitter's strategic plans to prioritise video, creator partnerships and commerce collaborations. These initiatives aim to reinvigorate the company's business beyond its reliance on digital advertising. The details of the investor presentation were reviewed by Reuters.

A notable slide from the presentation highlighted the growing importance of vertical video on Twitter, revealing that it accounts for more than 10% of the time users spend on the platform. This statistic emphasises the value and potential of video content in shaping Twitter's future growth.

Adding to the video-centric focus, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently launched a new show on the platform titled "Tucker on Twitter." This development hints at Twitter's intention to explore advertising and sponsorship opportunities alongside videos from influential content creators like Carlson. A trusted source familiar with the matter shared this insight with Reuters, sparking speculation about the potential monetization strategies Twitter might adopt.

With Elon Musk's confirmation of a Twitter video app for smart TVs, Twitter enthusiasts eagerly await its arrival. As the company continues to prioritise video content and forge partnerships, it seeks to captivate users and advertisers alike with an immersive and engaging social media experience.

  • Elon Musk confirms Twitter's plans for a video app for smart TVs.

  • Twitter aims to focus on video, creator partnerships, and commerce collaborations.

  • The vertical video already accounts for over 10% of time spent on Twitter.

  • Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson launched a show on Twitter, indicating potential advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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