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  • Cheryl Tan

Dyson Launches V15 Detect Vacuum in Singapore, Along With New Pet Grooming And Detail Cleaning Tools

Pet owners will know the pain of pet fur and hair accumulating on their floors, and while it can be sucked up with a vacuum, it might tangle in the vacuum head, or it might catch onto the bristles of the brush head and you'll still have to manually pull it off to dispose of it, which isn't quite as hygienic. Well, Dyson is looking to solve all of that with the new V15 Detect vacuum and the pet grooming kit.

The V15 Detect is Dyson's most powerful to date, with 240 air watts of power when in Boost mode, and the brush bar comes with some new features to help prevent hair and fur from tangling around the bar. There are new rubber guides which help to raise hair off the bar so that the 56 polycarbonate hair removal teeth, along with anti-static carbon fibre filaments and nylon bristles, can effectively move the hair from the bar into the cleaner head and up into the bin.

The vacuum is also able to filter out 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, and whole machine sealing means that the air expelled out the top is clean and doesn't re-introduce dust and dirt back into the house. There's also a V15 Detect Absolute model that's a Dyson direct exclusive, which comes with whole machine HEPA filtration to remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. That's the best filtration performance out of any Dyson vacuum, and it'll definitely be one to consider for pet owners who need to deal with pet dander, pollen tracked into the home and more.

Speaking of pet dander, the Pet Groom Tool will definitely be a hot seller. This tool is essentially a pet brush that can be attached to your vacuum, so you can just vacuum up the pet fur once you're done grooming your dog or cat! With 364 bristles, Dyson claims to have engineered it to remove loose pet fur, dander and microscopic skin flakes. We saw it in action at the Dyson headquarters here in Singapore and it's certainly quite handy! We'll be looking to test this tool alongside the V15 Detect Absolute soon, so stay tuned for our review on how well it works.

More than just the pet grooming tool though, Dyson has also introduced a Detail Cleaning kit that consists of a Scratch-Free Dusting Brush and a new Awkward Gap Tool, Let's talk about the dusting brush first. It's packed with over 8,000 ultrafine and soft polybutylene Terephthalate filaments that are tapered to 0.05mm to avoid scratching delicate surfaces like acrylic, glass and more. Additionally, there's a rotating cuff that can slide up and down to help loosen dust and debris from the bristles, meaning owners no longer have to use their hands or other tools to clean the brush head, which is certainly a more hygienic option.

As for the Awkward Gap Tool, it's an interesting cleaning tool that can rotate 22 degrees to help clean in tight, hard-to-reach spaces around both the house and car. Unlike the previous flexi-cleaning tool though, this one isn't flexible, and Dyson claims it's better since flexible crevice tools can lose suction when flexing and clog easily.

The V15 Detect will retail at S$1,299 while the V15 Detect absolute goes for S$1,349. The Pet Grooming kit and Detail Cleaning kit both retail at S$99.

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