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  • Cheryl Tan

Dyson Introduces Hair Straightener, But The Price Might Make You Think Twice About Your Curls

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Cheryl Tan


Credit: Dyson

After introducing a hairdryer and hair curler, Dyson has announced their new hair straightener, the Dyson Corrale. While the previous hairstyling products from Dyson used hot air to dry and style hair, the Corrale straightener is meant to be used on dry hair, and only uses heat to straighten out frizzy or curly hair.

If you’ve ever used a straightener before, you’ll know some of the pain points. Hair not being clamped while pulling the device down, too much heat that has to be applied and more. Dyson has come up with some clever inventions to combat those.

Credit: Dyson

By utilising flexible copper plates that have micro hinges, the plates actually conform around hair and hold it in place while the straightener is pulled down. This results in requiring less passes with the straightener, and in turn, means that less heat will be needed.

If you’ve always been worried about heat damage, the Dyson Corrale doesn’t remove it entirely but definitely does minimise the damage done. The straightener has three heat settings, 165 degrees, 185 degrees and 210 degrees celsius.

Dyson’s global styling ambassador, Jon Reyman, actually said that with the Corrale, he’s able to use a setting around 11 to 17 degrees celsius lower than with other straighteners.

Credit: Dyson

The best part? This straightener can be used wirelessly thanks to the inclusion of a four-cell lithium-ion battery. With a 0-100 charge in 70 minutes and battery life of 30 to 60 minutes depending on heat setting, this will be great for people who are perpetually in a rush. We don’t recommend straightening your hair on moving vehicles, but perhaps after getting to the office is a safe option.

Unfortunately, like all things Dyson, the price is hard to swallow. Local availability hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s currently priced at US$499.

Credit: Dyson

More information can be found on Dyson’s website.

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