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  • Lawrence Ng

You Can Now Make Cross-App Group Chats Between Messenger and Instagram

If you find managing group chats across different platforms difficult, then you might benefit from new functionality that lets you initiate cross-app group chats with contacts on Messenger and Instagram. According to Sateesh Kumar Srinivasan, Director of Product Management at Messenger, this can take the hassle out of maintaining conversations that were started on either of the two apps.

Credit: Facebook Messenger

"Cross-app communication has made it easier for people to stay connected without thinking about which app they use. In fact, over 70% of eligible people on Instagram have updated to the new Messenger experience to enjoy new features like cross-app communication," wrote Srinivasan in a blog post.

Polls were also introduced to Instagram DMs and group chats across Messenger and Instagram, letting your loved ones and friends conveniently decide on matters like which restaurant to go to or what TV show to binge-watch together.

Now if you want to configure which contacts can reach you, then you can do so by using delivery controls. This can let you decide who can send messages that will land on your Chats List, your Message Request folder and who will not be able to message or call you.

Credit: Facebook Messenger

Messenger also announced a new feature called Group Typing Indicators, which let you know when your friends or family members are typing at the same time. To allow for more customisation, a Cottagecore chat theme and an astrology-centric suite of chat themes were rolled out. Cottagecore is an aesthetic that is "inspired by a romanticized pastoral world". Aside from that, a theme that takes cues from the album artwork of J Balvin's new album "JOSE" was launched.

Credit: Facebook Messenger

On Messenger, you can also use an astrology AR filter and in the future, an astrology sticker pack will come out.

In the same blog post, the technology company promoted its celebrity content such as an exclusive virtual concert of Steve Aoki and Travis Barker and a series called "Cardi Tries_", where rapper Cardi B takes on various challenges.

To watch the musical performance with your friends, all you need to do is start a video chat or Room on Messenger, swipe up to view the menu, select 'Watch Together' and input "That Close with Steve and Travis" on the search bar. The process is different if you're using Instagram's video chat feature. Just tap the media button at the bottom right of your screen and search for the aforementioned title. You can also stream Cardi B's web show by following the same steps but searching for an episode of "Cardi Tries_" instead.


Written by Sophia Lopez


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