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Comedian Sarah Silverman and Authors Sue Meta and OpenAI for Copyright Infringement

Sarah Silverman, Richard Kadrey and Christopher Golden have filed class action lawsuits against Meta and OpenAI, accusing them of unauthorised use of copyrighted content to train AI language models.

Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman, along with authors Richard Kadrey and Christopher Golden, has taken legal action against Meta and OpenAI for alleged copyright infringement.

The lawsuits, filed in San Francisco federal court, claim that Meta, the parent company of Facebook and OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, used copyrighted material without permission to train their chat bots. Neither Meta nor OpenAI, supported by Microsoft, have provided an immediate comment on the matter.

These lawsuits highlight the legal risks faced by chat bot developers who employ copyrighted content to create apps that provide realistic responses to user inquiries. Silverman, Kadrey and Golden assert that Meta and OpenAI utilised their books without authorisation to develop their "large language models," which are promoted as powerful tools for automating tasks through human-like conversations. In the lawsuit against Meta, the plaintiffs argue that leaked information concerning the company's AI business indicates the unauthorised use of their work.

The lawsuit against OpenAI claims that ChatGPT's generated summaries of the plaintiffs' work imply that the bot was trained using their copyrighted content. According to the lawsuit, while the summaries contain some inaccuracies, they still demonstrate that ChatGPT retains knowledge of specific works found in the training dataset. The lawsuits aim to secure unspecified financial compensation for copyright owners across the nation whose works were allegedly infringed upon.

  • Comedian Sarah Silverman and authors Richard Kadrey and Christopher Golden file copyright infringement lawsuits against Meta Platforms and OpenAI.

  • Lawsuits allege unauthorised use of copyrighted material to train chat bots.

  • Meta and OpenAI have not responded to requests for comment.

  • The lawsuits raise legal concerns for chat bot developers using copyrighted content.


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