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Chinese President Xi Jinping Emphasises "Solid" Security Barrier for China's Internet

President Xi Jinping urges the construction of a robust internet security system in China, closely supervised by the ruling Communist Party, to protect online data and information, according to his recent address at a cybersecurity meeting in Beijing.

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Credits: REUTERS

Chinese President Xi Jinping underscored the need for China to establish a "solid" security barrier around its internet, safeguarding online data and information, during a two-day cybersecurity meeting in Beijing.

Xi emphasised the importance of managing and ensuring internet access in accordance with the law. The state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Xi, stating, "We must adhere to the Party's management of the internet and adhere to (the principle of) making the internet work for the people."

Over the past decade, President Xi has prioritised security across various aspects, including politics, the economy, the environment and cyberspace. To address cybersecurity concerns, China enacted a national security law in 2015, broadening its scope to include cyberspace. Additionally, legislation passed in subsequent years mandated security reviews and data storage within China's servers. In 2021, regulations were introduced for critical information infrastructure.

Companies operating in China face challenges when navigating the intricate web of rules and laws governing online data and information. In April, consultancy firm Bain & Co, based in the United States, experienced a surprise visit from the police at its Shanghai office, resulting in the questioning of staff and the confiscation of computers and phones. Similarly, last year, China's largest financial data provider, Wind Information Co, was directed by regulators to cease offering certain data to offshore users.

The scrutiny on cybersecurity intensified in 2021 when Chinese authorities initiated a cybersecurity investigation into Didi Global, the ride-hailing giant, just two days after its initial public offering in the United States.

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasised the construction of a robust internet security system supervised by the Communist Party.

  • China's internet must be managed and accessed in accordance with the law.

  • President Xi has consistently prioritised security in various domains, including cyberspace.


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