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China's AI Pioneer Unveils AI-Powered Robot That Users Can Play a Game of Chinese Chess In-Person

Chinese AI pioneer SenseTime launches SenseRobot, an interactive Go robot that combines advanced AI technology with the ancient game of Go.

SenseTime Go robot powered by AI
Credits: Gao Erqiang /

Chinese artificial intelligence leader SenseTime has introduced an innovative AI-powered Go robot called SenseRobot, aimed at making AI and the ancient game of Go more accessible to households. Go, also known as weiqi in Chinese, is renowned for its complexity and strategic gameplay. With the rise of AI in the gaming world, it has become an indispensable tool for players to enhance their skills.

SenseTime Go robot powered by AI
Credits: Gao Erqiang /

SenseTime's AI Go robot incorporates cutting-edge AI and robotic arm technology, allowing it to practice and play games on a physical board. Boasting a wide range of carefully curated exercises and 20 levels of human-machine game training, the robot caters to both amateurs and professionals. Additionally, it offers seamless connectivity to online Go platforms, enabling users to compete with millions of players globally. Compared to its predecessor, the xiangqi model launched in August last year, which specializes in Chinese chess, the new Go robot showcases significant technological advancements.

Shen Hui, the dean of the Innovative Engineering Institute of SenseTime, emphasized the crucial role played by the robotic arm. Leveraging state-of-the-art visual techniques, algorithms, and SenseTime's proprietary arm design, the robot excels in accurately reading the board and handling small chess pieces. Moreover, Shen highlighted its capability to recreate the immersive experience of playing a real game.

SenseTime Go robot powered by AI
Credits: Gao Erqiang /

During a test session, Nie Weiping, a prominent Chinese Go master and vice chairman of the Chinese Weiqi Association, expressed his high regard for the SenseRobot. He acknowledged the transformative impact of modern technology on the game, stating that it brings both unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Nie further commented that the SenseRobot would contribute to the promotion of Go culture, allowing the public to experience the captivating allure of the game.

Chairman and CEO of SenseTime, Xu Li, shared his vision for the future of family robots with the launch of SenseRobot. He stated, "We aim to redefine the future of family robots by providing not only new and enriching experiences for families but also injecting fresh vitality into Go, our cultural treasure, thus fostering the diversified development of our traditional culture."

  • Chinese AI pioneer SenseTime introduces SenseRobot, an AI-powered Go robot.

  • The robot combines advanced AI and robotic arm technology.

  • It offers a wide range of exercises and human-machine game training at 20 levels.

  • The robot can connect to online Go platforms, enabling global gameplay.

  • SenseRobot exhibits significant technological breakthroughs compared to its predecessor.

  • The robotic arm reads the board and handles small chess pieces with precision.

  • Chinese Go master Nie Weiping praised the robot and its impact on Go culture.

  • Xu Li, Chairman and CEO of SenseTime, envisions redefining family robots and promoting traditional culture through SenseRobot.

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