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ChatGPT Creator's Iris Crypto Project Gains Hong Kong Users Amid Controversy

Hundreds of Hong Kong residents have registered for Worldcoin, a new cryptocurrency launched by Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT, despite growing scrutiny around the world over its iris scanning requirement.

Credits: Bloomberg

Worldcoin argues that advanced AI will make it hard to distinguish humans from bots online. Iris scans verify users are "human and unique", enabling participation in the digital economy, it claims.

After launching in 35 cities globally, Worldcoin became available in Hong Kong on Monday afternoon. To get a "World ID" and receive tokens, Hongkongers must visit "Orb" devices that scan faces and irises.

Registrants get 25 free Worldcoins, worth around $60. One operator, Ausvic Capital, saw 200 signups on Monday. Another, Measurable Data Token, had over 200 in the first 6 hours and 400 on Tuesday. Many were already familiar with crypto. Hong Kong accounted for nearly half of first day signups globally.

Worldcoin's launch comes as Hong Kong establishes crypto regulations, seeking to boost the industry safely. However, the project faces mounting backlash over privacy.

Worldcoin utilizes an Orb for scanning user biometrics.
Credits: Handout

Jack Dorsey and Vitalik Buterin questioned the concept. Edward Snowden said "Don't catalogue eyeballs". Worldcoin claims privacy as data stays local and biometric images are destroyed.

But the UK data regulator will investigate, saying iris scans raise "significant privacy issues" requiring "full and careful consideration".

  • Cryptocurrency Worldcoin launched in Hong Kong, requiring iris scans

  • Hundreds signed up on first days despite growing privacy concerns

  • Hong Kong keen to boost crypto industry amid new regulations

Source: SCMP

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