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CES 2022: Samsung Unveils New Tech with "Together for Tomorrow" Vision

Samsung has raised the curtains on some of its next-gen offerings while sharing its plans for a sustainable future.

Calling it the “Together for Tomorrow” Vision, it encompasses all of Samsung’s current and upcoming environment conservation and ecosystem sustainability efforts. This long-term vision is built on what Samsung calls “Everyday Sustainability”.

Han sharing Samsung's "Together for Tomorrow" Vision. Credit: Samsung

“It’s all about living in balance with the ecosystem,” said Jong-Hee Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head, Device eXperience Division, Samsung.

To achieve this vision, Samsung adopted new, low-impact product manufacturing practices and developed carbon footprint-reducing packaging. It even created a more sustainable customer experience as it becomes more responsible in disposing of products at the end of their lifecycles.

According to Han, Samsung sells over 500 million devices every year and many smart devices today are powered with a Samsung chipset. Understanding the need to be more environmentally sustainable, Samsung had a rethink of its product lifecycle and moved to add sustainability in the manufacturing and packaging of all its products. “By 2025, recycled materials will be used in all Samsung mobile devices and electronic,” he added.

Some of the new concepts and devices that Samsung showed on the CES 2022 stage reflected this sustainable stance. This includes the updated SolarCell Remote that comes with all next-gen Samsung TVs and an all-new near-zero standby power mode for display panels and smart device chargers.

The SolarCell Remote 2022 can recharge via radio frequency. Credit: Samsung

Han confirmed that this year’s SolarCell Remote comes with a major upgrade – being able to get a recharge from radio frequencies. According to the Samsung CES 2022 press release, this will require the remote to be in close proximity to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router.

User Experience First Innovations

Other concepts that got their moment in the CES 2022 spotlight are the next-gen Samsung user experience platforms – Samsung Gaming Hub and Samsung Home Hub; The Freestyle portable screen and entertainment device; and Samsung Odyssey Ark curved panel.

While all of them are standout innovations in their own right, The Freestyle and Samsung Odyssey Ark are the highlights of the day. With the former, it offers everything a digital content consumer needs – 100-inch display with smart keystone and white balance calibration; a 180° swivel-stand that can be mounted onto the ceiling in two steps; 360° surround sound audio system; and all the smart functions that next-gen Samsung TVs offer.

The only odd fact that is tagged onto The Freestyle is how Samsung refused to label it as a projector.

As for the Samsung Odyssey Ark – it is the only panel from a long list of next-gen screens that are on display at the Samsung CES 2022 showcase. This 55-inch 4K curved gaming monitor sports a 1000R curvature and comes with its own personalised Height Adjustable Stand. When placed in its vertical orientation, it provides a cockpit-style visual experience that creates new levels of content immersion.

Those marginal details and how it also has ambient lighting and comes bundled with a wireless wheel controller and Samsung’s proprietary Multi-View feature are the only things Samsung could share about this oversized curved monitor.

Next-Gen AV Tech

The user-first innovations are not the only upcoming innovations Samsung showed off at CES 2022. At its show floor booth are the all-new MicroLED and Neo QLED panels that promise new immersive experiences with improved picture and sound performance.

New entries into the Samsung MicroLED range includes three new sizes: 110-inch, 101-inch and 89-inch. All of them come with 20-bit greyscale depth, which promises new true black levels; 99.99% screen-to-body ratio; and updated user features like Art Mode and Multi View.

Credit: Samsung

As for the Neo QLED TVs, all next-gen entries come with Shape Adaptive Light technology and Real Depth Enhancer. Both, when in use, promise to deliver a greater sense of realism and visual depth.

What about the Lifestyle Screens that made their global debut at last year’s CES? For 2022, all three – The Frame, The Serif and The Sero – now sport a matte display to provide these panels with anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint properties.

Complementing the panels are the next-gen soundbars that Samsung introduced at CES 2022 as well. The Q Symphony feature – a surround sound experience that connects Samsung TVs to the soundbars – now has improved synchrony and Wireless Dolby Atmos connectivity.

All in all, a fun yet still subdued list of announcements from Samsung at CES 2022. Looks like everyone at Samsung is working towards the bigger reveal next week.

For the latest announcements from Las Vegas, head on over to the CES 2022 special coverage page.

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