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CES 2022: LG Raises Innovation Bar Higher with New Display Panels

Just a week left before Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 opens its doors to a proper live event, LG Electronics (LG) – like clockwork – raised the curtains for its upcoming OLED innovations. While the technology isn’t new, LG confirmed in its pre-CES 2022 press release that it will be showcasing all-new LG Transparent OLED solutions and OLED EX concept.

“The company aims to demonstrate the new and innovative consumer experiences and values its Transparent OLED solutions will bring to normal everyday spaces like commercial facilities, offices, homes, and transportation,” LG shared in the media alert.

As for the home, LG OLED EX – short for Evolution eXperience – is pushing the innovation envelope further with its new light-emitting compounds that – LG claimed – can produce 30% more brightness.

By pairing with machine learning algorithms, which works on improving contrast and brightness level controls, these next-gen ultra-thin TVs will be able to produce better visual immersion.

For businesses, LG wanted them to look at its flagship from this new display series – the LG OLED Shelf. This concept combines two LG Transparent OLED panels to create massive visual system that can also act as a living room decoration when not in use as the family TV. With the screens stacked on top of each other, LG noted how this elegantly designed display system can also be placed in an art gallery or shopping mall and be used to show an endless mix of content with its Always on Display Mode.

Art meets technology - Credit: LG Display

As for LG’s more industrial-type solutions, there are the following systems – Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window. Of the three, the windows are designed to provide maximum advertising visibility, with the 55 inch Show Window acting as storefront visual displays and the Smart Window acting as the literal interactive transparent windows for meetings in next-gen offices. Meanwhile, the Showcase is very much focused on capturing the attention of target audiences in malls and showrooms.

While these are considerably new concepts into the LG Transparent OLED line-up, many have come to expect these to not be widely used. After all, these are concepts and even from when LG launched the first transparent panel in 2010, there have been no massive adoption for these solutions as yet.

All curved up - Credit: LG Display

Even so, this is not the trend as LG – in the same press release – shared how a recent global study from Boston Consulting Group have predicted that the transparent panel space will continue to expand. To be more specific, it will have a compound annual growth rate of 116% over this decade, reaching a total value of US$2.7 billion by 2025 and US$10 billion in 2030.

Admittedly, LG is known for going all-out with its display tech like the super-size video-wall at Suntec City and the creatively shaped digital signages inside Changi Airport in Singapore.

With its new OLED entries for homes and businesses, LG is very much digging in for this space as it continues to set itself apart from the competition with its next-gen OLED panels.

For the latest announcements from Las Vegas, head on over to the CES 2022 special coverage page.

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