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Carbon Black Xbox Series S Unveiled with 1TB Storage, Priced at US$349.99

Updated: Jan 5

Microsoft introduces the Carbon Black Xbox Series S, featuring a generous 1TB storage capacity and a budget-friendly price tag.

 Black Xbox Series S
Credit: Microsoft

In the world of gaming, the Xbox Series S has gained popularity as an affordable and robust all-digital entry point into the Xbox console ecosystem. However, the console's limited 512GB onboard storage can prove insufficient for today's expansive game downloads and installations. While the system's fast storage speeds offer reduced load times, the cost of expanding storage remains a big concern.

Enter the Carbon Black Xbox Series S, the solution to storage woes. With a spacious 1TB onboard storage capacity, this console provides ample room for storing massive games. Priced at US$349.99, it offers a saving of approximately US$30 compared to the standard 512GB Xbox Series S console and an additional 512GB expansion card.

Black Xbox Series S
Credit: Microsoft

The Carbon Black Xbox Series S is set to launch worldwide on September 1 and retains the same powerful hardware as the original Series S. However, it now boasts a sleek brushed black finish reminiscent of its larger counterpart, the Series X. This design evolution brings back memories of the Xbox 360 era when the initial white launch consoles were later updated with a glossy black redesign and increased storage.

Acknowledging that a US$500 price tag may deter some potential buyers, Microsoft Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer stated that the Series S's affordability can attract a broader audience to the console ecosystem. Spencer also addressed the feedback received regarding the limitations of the 512GB storage capacity and the associated costs of expansion.

Despite Microsoft's increasing focus on PC gaming, Spencer emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to the console gaming experience, referring to it as an essential pillar of their brand.

  • Microsoft introduces the Carbon Black Xbox Series S with 1TB storage.

  • Priced at US$349.99, it offers US$30 in savings compared to the standard console with the expansion card.

  • Worldwide launch on September 1 2023.

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