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ByteDance Enters AI Race with Feishu, competes with Tencent, Alibaba in chatbot arena

Updated: Jan 5

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, has unveiled the latest version of its online collaboration tool, Feishu, which now incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to assist Chinese clients with workplace automation.

Credit: bytedance

The release of Feishu 7, announced in Beijing, marks ByteDance's entry into the race among Chinese tech giants to leverage generative AI for industrial use.

Feishu 7 integrates ChatGPT-like functions powered by various large language models (LLMs), enabling Chinese enterprises to become "AI-ready." Xie Xin, CEO of Feishu, emphasized the transformative impact of AI on work processes and the need for companies to adapt swiftly to the era of artificial intelligence.

The new version of Feishu introduces an AI assistant called Feishu Intelligent Buddy, which functions as a chatbot. The virtual assistant can assist users in summarizing meetings, analyzing content from PDF documents, videos, and audio files, and drafting various work documents such as emails, spreadsheets, mind maps, and survey forms. Feishu Intelligent Buddy can generate a spreadsheet for tasks like an "inventory management system" and can be customized further based on user requests.

Customers have the flexibility to choose the LLM they prefer for the Feishu assistant. Currently, Feishu supports models from Tencent-backed unicorn MiniMax, state-backed Zhipu AI, and Baichuan, a startup founded by Sogou's Wang Xiaochuan. Several Chinese companies, including Anker Innovations Technology and Yuanqi Senlin, have already adopted Feishu Intelligent Buddy to enhance efficiency in areas such as sales and marketing.

Tech giants like Microsoft, Tencent, and Alibaba view AI integration into office software as a means to expand technology usage. Microsoft has been incorporating its GPT-powered Copilot systems into various products and promoting AI extensively in Asia. In China, Tencent has integrated its Hunyuan model into Tencent Docs and WeChat search, while Alibaba has integrated its Tongyi Qianwen model into products like DingTalk, a competitor to Feishu.

  • ByteDance has introduced Feishu 7, an updated version of its online collaboration tool, with an AI assistant called Feishu Intelligent Buddy.

  • Feishu Intelligent Buddy can assist with tasks such as summarizing meetings, analyzing content, and drafting work documents.

  • Customers can choose from different large language models for the Feishu assistant.

Source: SCMP

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