Biden To Go Tough On China By Investing on US Tech

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Xi Jinping and then-Vice President Joe Biden in Washington, 2012 Credit: Andrew Harrer/Getty Images

US President Joe Biden said that he will be tough on China and has called China’s President Xi Jinping a thug, according to a New York Times report. He even promised to lead an international campaign to “pressure, isolate, and punish China.”

The question, now that he is President of the United States is: what form will his promises to be tough on China take?

According to Reuters, the President stressed on 8 November 2020 that for the US to be ahead of China in terms of gaining the technological edge, the US has to be ahead in key technologies such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence and 5G.

The New York Times then elaborated that President Biden wants to invest more on America before “going to fight like hell.”

There have been Chinese cyberattacks that have happened during 2020 in the US with some attacks focusing on COVID-19 vaccine development.

FBI Director Christopher Wray Credit: Shawn Thew/EPA/ Shutterstock

FBI Director Christopher Wray was even reported by CNBC and the International Business Times to have called the cyberattack that happened around July 2020 as “one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history.”

He also added that China recognises the need to make leaps in technological advancements, but instead of slogging through developing something themselves, they opted to steal from the same American companies they intend to compete with.

China, meanwhile, has yet to congratulate President Biden on his inauguration. However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin acknowledged President Biden’s inauguration as US President Reuters reported.


Written by John Paul Joaquin