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China To Showcase Cutting-Edge Solutions To Solve Housing Issues

Updated: Jan 5

Over 200 major housing enterprises gather in Beijing to unveil the latest high-tech, low-carbon products at the CIHIE 2023.

Beijing, China, 20th China International Housing Industry Expo
Credits: CFP

More than 200 leading housing enterprises from around the world converged in Beijing on Monday to participate in the highly anticipated China International Housing Industry Expo (CIHIE) 2023. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, this year's expo boasts an impressive 35,000 square meters of showcase areas divided into ten distinct categories.

The CIHIE 2023 serves as a platform to exhibit the future of housing, with an array of smart home appliances, cutting-edge construction technologies, and nearly zero-emission buildings taking centre stage. Visitors will catch a glimpse of the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead for our homes.

In addition to the remarkable exhibits, more than a dozen forums have either been held or are scheduled to take place during the expo. These forums cover a wide range of topics, including discussions on modern wooden structures and passive building techniques, showcasing the industry's commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Since its inception in 1995, the CIHIE has successfully organised 20 editions, attracting renowned industry players and experts from across the globe. This year's edition will span three days, culminating on Wednesday, providing ample opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and groundbreaking collaborations.

  • Beijing hosts the China International Housing Industry Expo 2023 (CIHIE).

  • Over 200 major housing enterprises participate, showcasing high-tech and low-carbon solutions.

  • The expo features smart home appliances, advanced construction technologies, and nearly zero-emission buildings.

  • Numerous forums highlight topics like modern wooden structures and passive building techniques.

  • CIHIE has a rich history, with 20 successful editions since 1995.

  • The event lasts for three days, concluding on Wednesday, offering valuable networking and collaboration opportunities.

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