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Australian Senate Committee Proposes TikTok and WeChat Bans for National Security

Senate committee calls for bans and restrictions on platforms like TikTok and WeChat over national security concerns.


A senate committee investigating foreign interference on social media in Australia has put forth 17 recommendations, including new transparency rules enforceable by fines. Expanding an existing TikTok ban on government devices to contractors is advised, along with investigating a potential WeChat ban.

The report says companies like TikTok and WeChat pose "unique risks" since their China-based parent companies must comply with national security laws. Committee chair Senator Paterson said platforms subject to authoritarian regimes highlight the cyber risk to sensitive data.

Recommendations also include Australia assisting Indo-Pacific nations resist "malicious information operations" by authoritarian states.

The non-binding proposals come from a five-person committee led by Liberal Senator James Paterson with two Labor party members.

While Chinese platforms were highlighted, transparency rules would cover all large platforms. These would mandate labeling state media accounts and disclosing government content direction.

  • Senate committee suggests social media regulations over national security worries

  • Proposals include bans and limits on TikTok and WeChat due to Chinese ownership

  • Rules would require platforms to increase transparency around state control

  • Australia also encouraged to help Indo-Pacific against misinformation campaigns

Credits: Reuters

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