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  • Cheryl Tan

Arlo Pro 3 Review: Not Just an Upgrade, But an Overhaul!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Written by Kelly Latimer ( Community Creator) @kellylatimer


All the bang, for much less buck. The Arlo Pro 3 is the new security camera system we have been waiting for! We know you have been eyeing the Arlo Ultra, their top of the range security camera system, but at S$1,199 for the 2-camera system, there is still some hesitation when it comes to clicking “check out.”

Enter the Pro 3! At S$899 for 2 cameras and the base station, there aren’t many reasons not to buy this setup. Designed to replace the Pro 2, Arlo has made some serious upgrades to the hardware to make it a no-brainer when looking for a home security system.

So what’s new?

The Pro 3 has 30⁰ more of viewing capability, bringing its field of vision to 160⁰ in total. Not quite the 180⁰ viewing angle of the Ultra, but good enough to cover a room or the entrance/exit of your home. This was particularly useful when it came to ensuring that my entire door and back windows were covered.

With 2K resolution, you are getting much better quality images than the Pro 2. There is a marked improvement in the colour and with the integration of the spotlight, once movement is detected at night and the light comes on, the camera switches to colour mode – very handy for when you are trying to identify perpetrators in the dark. The Pro 3 has also been fitted with the alarm to ward off intruders. Trust me, it’s loud.

Speaking of loud, the 2-way audio functionality is likely one of the handiest features to be brought over from the Ultra. I have, on numerous occasions, had a chat with my delivery guy about leaving my packages under the bench. “Yes uncle, don’t worry… I have a camera. It will be fine.”

The potential for it to be used to keep a close eye on elderly folks and making sure they are safe, especially in case of emergency, is quite apparent too. That, or making sure that your kid doesn’t steal a chocolate bar from your supposed secret stash.

I was initially sceptical about a camera that could so easily be “taken down” but I have had no issues with it whatsoever since putting it up. In fact, being able to remove it without needing to bust out a screwdriver makes it a lot easier if you need to reset anything.

You may have read about how Tech360’s Cheryl had her Ultra stolen (read it here) but the thing about stealing a security camera is that your face will definitely be in shot!

The other improvement that has won me over is the new design. When you think of a security camera, the words sleek and sexy don’t usually come to mind, but with the Pro 3’s curves and clean lines, it’s hard to say it’s anything else about it.

Arlo took great pains to make tweaks to the housing of the Ultra and they decided to carry those enhancements over to the Pro 3, like the magnetic charging cable, enabling you to charge your camera easily without needing to sacrifice weather resistance. This update, with the Arlo Smart Service enabled also means you can highlight “activity zones” within the field of view, reducing unwanted notifications.

Only thing is that with the Pro 3, there is no customisation of the zone shape. It must be a rectangle as opposed to the Ultra, which allows you to draw multiple points to create a shape that will cover only the area you want. It’s a small matter though. Considering everything else, it still means your Pro 3 is less like an enhanced Pro 2, but instead, more like a slightly scaled-back version of the Ultra.

Ultimately if you are looking for a security system that won’t break the bank but does give you all the bells and whistles to keep you sleeping soundly at night, then the Arlo Pro 3 is a strong contender.

More information and purchase options for the Arlo Pro 3 (starting from S$899) can be found on Arlo’s website.

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