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  • Kyle Chua

Aputure Launches Amaran COB S Series, Pixel Tube, Infinibar Production Lighting Fixtures

Aputure has a range of new lighting fixtures to suit different production needs.

Aputure Infinibar. Credit: Aputure

The Shenzhen-based lighting solutions manufacturer launched three new lines: the Amaran COB S series, the Amaran Pixel Tubes and the Aputure Infinibars. Let's take a look at each one below:

Amaran COB S series

The new Amaran COB S series consists of six new bi-colour and daylight-balanced options: the COB 60d S, 60x S, 100d S, 100x S, 200d S and 200x S.

The number in the fixture's name indicates its output wattage, with the 60 series having 65W chipsets, the 100 having 100W and the 200 having 200W. Fixtures labelled with a "d" are daylight-balanced, while those with "x" are crossfade, bi-colour. Meanwhile, the "S" signifies how this new series features upgraded LED chipsets over its predecessor. Each fixture in the series packs an all-new dual-blue LED chipset, allowing it to capture a wider light spectrum and deliver higher colour accuracy.

Daylight-balanced S series fixtures have an SSI (D56) of 86, up 19% from the original COB Series fixtures. Meanwhile, the bi-colour S series fixtures can reach an SSI (D56) of 87, up 17.5% over its counterparts from the original COB series. The new COB S series bi-colour lights can also achieve an SSI (Tungsten) of 90.

Other key features include DC power compatibility, smartphone control and support for all full-size Bowens Mounts.

The Amaran COB 60d S, priced at S$169, COB 60x, priced at S$199, 100d S, priced at $199, 100x S, priced at $249, 200d S, priced at S$299 and 200x S, priced at S$349, are available for purchase now.

Amaran Pixel Tubes

The Amaran Pixel Tubes, which consists of the PT1c, PT2c and PT4c, are the first Amaran tube lights to feature multiple light engines for pixelated lighting effects and internal batteries. The company says they're designed to create visuals for all kinds of video production content.

The number in the fixture's name indicates its length, with the PT1c measuring one foot, the PT2c measuring two feet and the PT4c measuring four feet. The "c", meanwhile, represents that they're full-colour fixtures. They all feature Pixel FX and RGBW colour quality with a pixel density of four pixels per foot. Integration of the fixtures, as the company touts, should also be easy thanks to them using Sidus Link or DMX control via a USB-C adapter. The internal battery packs are also rechargeable via USB-C.

The Pixel Tubes also include seven pre-programmed Pixel FX and nine System FX and magnetic mounting options.

The Amaran PT1c, priced at S$139, PT2c 2-Light Production Kit, priced at S$598 and the PT4c 2-Light Production Kit, priced at S$838 are available for purchase now. The Amaran PT2c, priced at S$299 and PT4c, priced at S$429, are also available now.

Aputure Infinity Bars

The Aputure Infinibar is an all-new product line from the company, highlighted by its modularity. And it's that modularity which allows multiple fixtures to be linked together to create new shapes and effects. The Infinibars, which come in one-foot, two-foot and four-foot variants, can be connected together using ten differently-shaped connectors, and they can all operate together using a single power supply. The design of the fixtures also allows them to seamlessly connect without any visible gaps.

Each Infinibar features a pixel density of 24 pixels per foot. The one-foot PB3 has 24 pixels, the two-foot PB6 has 48 pixels and the four-foot PB12 has 96 pixels. Each fixture also has a built-in battery, along with a range of connectivity options, including Sidus Link, LumenRadio, CRMX and wired DMX via USB-C. They all have seven Pixel FX, nine System FX and Sidus Link Magic Infinity FX.

The Infinibar PB3, priced at S$299, PB6, priced at S$479, and PB12, priced at S$639, are all available for purchase now.

  • Chinese lighting solutions manufacturer Aputure has launched three new lines: the Amaran COB S series, the Amaran Pixel Tubes and the Aputure Infinibars.

  • The Amaran COB S series is a refreshed update to the original series of the same name, featuring upgraded LED chipsets.

  • The Amaran Pixel Tubes, meanwhile, are first Amaran tube lights to feature multiple light engines for pixelated lighting effects.

  • The Aputure Infinibar is an all-new line of modular fixtures that can be seamlessly connected together to create new shapes and effects.

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