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  • Kyle Chua

Apple Rolls Out iMovie 3.0 on iOS, iPadOS

Apple has announced a new version of iMovie is available now on iOS and iPadOS devices, adding a couple of nifty features that streamline the moviemaking experience.

Credit: Apple

The latest version of iMovie, which the company is calling iMovie 3.0, introduces Storyboards, a feature that supposedly gives you a leg up in how you can shoot and edit your video. Instead of starting with a blank and empty timeline, you now have the option to pick from 20 different storyboards that might fit the type of video you’re trying to create. Some of your options include cooking tutorials, Q&As, product reviews and news reports, among others.

The storyboards a shot list that organises clips to tell a specific narrative. The placeholders include illustrative thumbnails and suggestions for how you can shoot your own clip. You can also add, reorder or delete shots from your storyboard, depending on how you want your video to turn out.

In a way, storyboards can serve as a template or guide that you can follow throughout your video creation process.

You can additionally experiment with other details like titles and transitions and choose from different title layouts, fonts, filters and colour palettes. If you have music, you can put that in as well and it’ll dynamically adjust to fit the length of your video.

When you’re done, you can then share your completed storyboard through Messages, Mail and other social media platforms.

What’s more, the update adds Magic Movie, a feature that lets you create custom videos in just a few taps. You simply have to select an album or any group of photos from your library and iMovie takes care of the rest. It’ll find the best parts of your footage and use those in the final video. You can also easily add, rearrange or delete clips via the simplified Magic Movie shot list. You can even add Styles to further personalise your video.

Once you're done, you can similarly share your Magic Movies from iMovie via Messages, Mail and on social media.

Apple also updated the more robust Final Cut Pro, which is now at version 10.6.2. The update adds dupe detection to quickly locate duplicate media in a project using highlighted clip ranges or the Timeline Index. You also now have the ability to improve the clarity of speech thanks to new machine learning capabilities on macOS Monterey version 12.3 or later.

The app was also optimised to run on the new Mac Studio with M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips. This lets you play up to 56 streams of 4K ProRes 422 or 18 streams of 8K ProRes 422 on the M1 Ultra chip. Transcoding ProRes RAW to ProRes 422 in Compressor is now said to be up to twelve times faster on the Mac Studio than on the 27-inch iMac.

  • Apple has announced a new version of iMovie is available now on iOS and iPadOS devices, adding two new features: Storyboards and Magic Movie.

  • Storyboard lets you choose from templates that can give you an idea of how to shoot or edit your project, while Magic Movie allows you to create a custom video from your existing photos and videos in a few taps.

  • The more robust Final Cut Pro was also updated with new features and optimised to run on the new Mac Studio.

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