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Apple Raises Price of Apple Music, TV+ in Singapore, Malaysia

Don't be surprised when you find your Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscriptions are more expensive now than they were last billing cycle. The Cupertino giant has raised the price of the two services in a number of markets, including Singapore and Malaysia.

Credit: Apple

Going by the new pricing tier on the Apple Music page, the student plan now costs S$5.98 per month, while the individual plan costs S$10.98 per month from S$4.98 and S$9.98, respectively. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, the price of the individual plan went up from RM14.90 per month to RM16.90 per month, while the family plan went up from RM22.90 per month to RM25.90 per month. The change makes Apple Music more expensive than other music streaming options like Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music and KKBox.

Apple also raised the price of TV+, with the service now costing S$9.98 per month from S$6.98 per month when it launched almost three years ago – a S$3 hike. Subscribers in Malaysia, meanwhile, are looking at an additional RM10 per month, with the price being raised from RM19.90 per month to RM29.90 per month.

This is the first time either service from the company has a received price hike since they first launched.