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Apple to Incorporate Japan's 'My Number' ID Card Function into iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook has agreed to add Japan's "My Number" ID card capability into iPhones. Integration seeks to streamline administrative operations and provide more convenience to citizens. iPhone users will now have simple access to tax and social security information, removing the need for paper cards.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi, Japan's top government spokesperson, made the announcement at a regular news conference on Thursday.

The Japanese government has been developing a plan to expedite administrative operations by combining people's tax and social security information into a single identification card. This move intends to improve administrative efficiency and give citizens a more accessible and secure way to access their personal information.

The decision to integrate "My Number" card functions on iPhones was made following a video chat between Prime Minister Kishida and Tim Cook earlier in the day. The integration is scheduled to be completed by next spring, delivering the benefits of the identification card system directly to iPhone users in Japan.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook agrees to incorporate Japan's "My Number" ID card function into iPhones

  • Integration aims to streamline administrative processes and enhance convenience for citizens

  • iPhone users will have easy access to tax and social security data, eliminating the need for physical cards


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