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  • Cheryl Tan

Apple Finally Brings HomePod & HomePod Mini To Singapore

At long last, those of us here in Singapore no longer have to import HomePods from overseas. Apple has made the decision that the Singapore market is big enough for their speakers.

Credit: Apple

The second-gen HomePod speaker was announced early this year, but nobody really expected it to come to Singapore as the first-gen model was never made available here. Powered by an S7 chip, the HomePod 2 comes with a woofer, five tweeters, four microphones and a U1 chip that allows for iPhone users to conveniently hand off music, phone calls and more directly to the speaker.

Credit: Apple

As for the smaller HomePod Mini, it comes with a full-range driver as well as dual passive radiators and a custom acoustic waveguide to direct sound in a 360-degree field. It also comes with four microphones for voice control with Siri, and both the HomePod and HomePod Mini are able to work in a stereo pair.

Credit: Apple

Of course, all the Apple goodies are included, like AirPlay, using the speakers as intercoms to talk to other people in other rooms, easy pairing with Apple TV 4K and more.

New subscribers will be entitled to a free six-month subscription of Apple Music with any purchase of the HomePod or HomePod Mini, and the speakers will be available for order on the Apple Store from 30 March onwards, with general availability from 6 April. The HomePod 2 retails at S$429 while the HomePod Mini goes for S$139.

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