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Anime QR Codes Come Alive with Stable Diffusion

Updated: Jan 5

Innovative QR codes blend artistic styles with utility, transforming traditional black-and-white codes into captivating works of art.

Anime QR Code
Credit: nhciao / Stable Diffusion

On Tuesday, Reddit user "nhciao" unveiled a collection of stunning QR codes crafted using the Stable Diffusion AI image-synthesis model. These codes, inspired by anime and Japanese culture, doubles as functional QR codes that can be scanned by smartphone cameras.

Originally developed for the automotive industry in Japan, QR codes have since evolved to serve diverse purposes such as advertising, product tracking and digital payments, thanks to their ability to store extensive data.

Anime QR Code
Credit: nhciao / Stable Diffusion

Remarkably, nhciao's intricate AI-generated designs retain their functionality when scanned using iPhone and Android smartphone camera apps. If experiencing difficulties in scanning, simply adjust the camera's distance from the image.

Stable Diffusion, an AI-powered image-synthesis model launched last year, generates images based on text descriptions and transforms existing images using "img2img." Though the specific technique employed to create these novel codes remains undisclosed, it is apparent that nhciao trained custom Stable Diffusion ControlNet models, fine-tuned using LoRA, to produce distinct artistic results. By applying ControlNet, they maintained the QR code's data positioning while synthesizing an image around it.

Anime QR Code
Credit: nhciao / Stable Diffusion

Alternative methods exist for creating visually appealing QR codes by manipulating dot positions to form meaningful patterns that remain scannable. In this case, Stable Diffusion goes beyond controlling dot positions and seamlessly blends picture details to complement the QR code.

This fascinating application of Stable Diffusion is made possible by QR codes' inherent error correction feature. Designed to recover data if a portion of the code is damaged or obscured, this error correction capability permits modifications without rendering the code unreadable.

While this technique can theoretically be applied to any QR code, it is suggested that shorter URLs may yield optimal results due to data encoding considerations.

Anime QR Code
Credit: nhciao / Stable Diffusion

This discovery paves the way for novel possibilities in digital art and marketing. Traditional black-and-white QR codes can be transformed into one-of-a-kind artistic pieces, elevating their visual appeal. The positive reception of nhciao's experiment on social media has the potential to usher in an era where QR codes transcend their utilitarian purpose and become captivating, intricate works of art.

  • Reddit user "nhciao" creates functional QR codes with artistic designs using Stable Diffusion AI.

  • Smartphone camera apps successfully scan the intricate QR codes.

  • Stable Diffusion utilizes ControlNet models and blending techniques to maintain functionality while incorporating artistic elements.

  • QR codes' error correction feature enables modification without compromising readability.

  • The technique opens possibilities for digital art and marketing, transforming ordinary codes into unique aesthetic creations.

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