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  • Mikhail Ow

An Indulgent Upgrade For Discerning Ears, If You Can Afford it

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

While the Devialet Gemini II earbuds may be on the expensive side, their price reflects the commitment to delivering top-notch quality." The earbuds has a lozenge shape slightly on the larger end, but despite this, they do have a tight and snug fit as well. Although I generally prefer earbuds that are lower profile.

The case design has seen a rework compared to previous generations, with a smaller and more compact bullet-like shape measuring 3.8 x 6.2 x 2.4cm. This reduced dimension makes it much easier to carry around in a pocket or bag for maximum portability. Both the earbuds and case maintain Devialet's focus on premium aesthetics, with a combination of matte and glossy plastics lending a tactile yet elegant feel.

The shiny surfaces and compact case size provide style without compromising protection of the earbuds when not in use. Each bud measures approximately 6g and is available in Matte Black or their Iconic White made from high-quality plastic materials.

Sound Quality

In my personal opinion, the sound quality of the Gemini II is pretty good. With articulate and dynamic sound across the frequency range, these earbuds are capable of delivering an incredibly detailed and spacious listening experience. Whether it's the deep bass, crisp highs, or nuanced mid-range, the sound is crisp, with well-defined bass and mids, striking a balance without becoming overly boomy.


Credit: Gemini

The Gemini II connects to devices wirelessly using Bluetooth 5.2 for a strong and reliable connection. Codecs supported include SBC, AAC, and aptX for high quality wireless audio streaming. Each earbud features a 10mm titanium-coated full-range dynamic driver capable of wide frequency response. The Multipoint pairing offers a dependable and smooth experience. When simultaneously connected to both my PC and phone, I can seamlessly switch between them without any interruptions. Simply press play and the second source seamlessly takes control.



A hybrid dual-mic structure with wind-proof cavities is used for calls, voice assistance and active noise cancellation. It is complemented by a bone-conduction voice sensor, to deliver decent call quality. However, it's worth noting that voices can sometimes sound somewhat thin and hollow. The introduction of the Active Wind Reduction (AWR) feature is a welcome addition, effectively reducing wind-related noise during calls in windy conditions.

ANC & Transparency Mode

The Devialet Gemini II features active noise cancellation to block out ambient sounds, allowing the user to focus solely on their audio. This is provided through Devialet's DANC (Devialet Adaptive Noise Cancellation) system. DANC analyses the shape of the user's ear canal to dynamically adjust the ANC for a personalised experience. This effective cancellation can reduce sounds like traffic, airplane cabin noise, or loud environments to a minimum.

The earbuds also include a transparency mode, which is ideal for situations where the user needs to hear external sounds for safety or conversation. This mode uses the external microphones to pipe in ambient sound while paused music is playing. Both the ANC and transparency features can be customised and adjusted through preset options available in the Devialet Control companion app. This provides users with options to tune the noise cancellation level to their specific needs and environments. A downside for me would be that it lacks the flexibility to adjust ANC or transparency levels, offering only two extremes: full noise cancellation or complete transparency. Additionally, there's no option to disable noise canceling to conserve battery life.

Battery Life

The battery life is honestly pretty average, with each earbud containing a battery life for up to 5 hours of use, while the charging case provides up to 22 hours total usage. The case charges via USB-C or wirelessly. A quick 10 minute charge can provide 1 hour of playback.

Pricing & Availability


The Devialet Gemini II retails for SGD$629 and is available for purchase through their website. While expensive, these earbuds are targeted towards audiophiles looking for top-tier sound quality in a wireless form factor. In summary, the Gemini II delivers on build and sound quality despite some limitations but remains a niche option due to the high price.

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