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  • Chelsea Tang

Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset Review: Premium Office Headphones For Calls and Meetings

Updated: Apr 23

The Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset - WL5024 is designed for professionals working remotely or in noisy office environments, offering active noise cancellation and extended battery life to enhance work calls and meetings. With its active noise cancellation and impressive battery life, this headset has become my go-to for eliminating distractions while making work calls and attending meetings.

Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset with Box
Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset


I appreciate the sleek design of the headset; it's all business with no unnecessary frills like RGB lighting, perfect for office use. The LED indicators on the ear cups are handy for checking connection status, and the array of dedicated buttons—volume control, call/multimedia functions, power/Bluetooth pairing, Microsoft Teams integration, microphone mute, and ANC activation—offer convenient control at my fingertips.

It’s built differently from the usual headsets you see on the market, as there are no "holes" in the earcups. Surprisingly, I found this headset very comfortable to wear, thanks to the soft memory foam cushion.

The headset's plush ear cups and lightweight, flexible design ensure comfort even during extended use. The soft leatherette headband and memory foam ear cups effortlessly accommodate my head size well, eliminating any discomfort—even when wearing glasses or earrings.

Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset - WL5024


Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity ensures seamless pairing, plus the inclusion of a wireless Bluetooth receiver in the box adds to its versatility. The hybrid ANC technology effectively blocks out low-frequency background noise, although it struggles a bit with higher-pitched or intermittent sounds.

Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset - WL5024


In our office environment, the ANC performs admirably, significantly reducing distractions from nearby conversations. 

The audio quality is crisp and clear, whether during calls or entertainment; its default equalisation does a great job but is slightly weak in bass ranges. To be honest, it doesn’t stand out as a headset that costs over S$380, as some of the cheaper headsets out there can achieve the same quality. Additionally, I've noticed that the maximum volume levels can be a tad soft.

The boom mic is sturdy, providing excellent noise suppression during calls, although I've encountered occasional disconnection issues.

Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset - WL5024

Battery life, while not quite hitting the advertised 78 hours, still impresses with around 50 hours of use with ANC enabled. Additional features such as quick pairing with Windows PCs or mobile devices via Dell Optimizer software and AI-enhanced microphones enhance usability across different devices. Unfortunately, there’s no software available for MacOS users. However, you can still connect to your Mac device, but you won’t be able to make any further adjustments.


For me, the Dell Pro ANC Wireless Headset has proven to be a reliable companion for noise-free work calls and meetings, offering both comfort and performance. While it comes with a premium price tag of S$384.97, its solid performance and integration with Dell's ecosystem make it worth considering, despite the minor connectivity issues.

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