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  • Chelsea Tang

AMD FSR 3 with Frame Generation: An Impressive Upscaling Solution

Are you looking for a way to improve your gaming experience with smoother frame rates? AMD's FSR 3 with Frame Generation might just be the solution you've been waiting for. In this review, we will delve into the capabilities of FSR 3 and how it can enhance your gameplay.

AMD FSR 3 with Frame Generation

FSR 3: Boosting Performance and Visuals

One of the notable features of FSR 3 is its ability to deliver significant FPS gains. By enabling Frame Generation, performance is effectively doubled across all resolutions tested compared to native rendering. This means that even with a lower-end AMD Radeon GPU, you can expect smoother gameplay and an improved gaming experience.

AMD FSR 3 with Frame Generation

The combination of upscaling and frame generation in FSR 3 optimizes the potential of your AMD Radeon GPU, resulting in high performance and impressive visuals. The graphics maintain sharp details with minimal tearing or ghosting, ensuring an enjoyable visual experience. Even at higher resolutions like 2K, the images remain clear and detailed.

Benchmark Results:

During our testing, we observed a notable increase in FPS when utilizing FSR 3 with Frame Generation. For instance, in Forspoken, the frame rate rose from a stable 70 fps to an impressive 200 fps. Similarly, in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the frame rate jumped from 85 fps to 120 fps. These results demonstrate the impact of FSR 3 on overall performance.

AMD FSR 3 with Frame Generation
AMD FSR 3 with Frame Generation

However, it is worth mentioning that enabling the "Native AA" mode within FSR 3 does come with a performance cost of approximately 10% compared to TAA. Additionally, the underlying FSR 2 upscaling solution still exhibits some blurriness and aliasing during fast-paced gaming. While enabling "Native AA" helps sharpen the image, there may still be some noticeable shimmering issues.

Target Audience:

FSR 3 with Frame Generation is primarily aimed at gamers who prioritise high FPS and smooth gameplay. Whether you possess a lower-end AMD Radeon GPU or a high-end one, FSR 3 can provide significant performance improvements. Additionally, those who value exceptional graphics without compromising on FPS will appreciate the upscaling and frame generation capabilities of FSR 3.

AMD FSR 3 with Frame Generation


FSR 3 with Frame Generation offers a notable boost in FPS and can enhance your gaming experience. While there are limitations in terms of blurriness and aliasing, the overall performance gains make FSR 3 a worthwhile solution for gamers. Whether you're playing Forspoken or exploring the world of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, FSR 3 has the potential to elevate your gaming experience. Give it a try with your favourite games and witness the improvements in FPS

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