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Alipay Introduces AI-Powered Hair Loss Testing Feature as it Expands its Reach

Alipay, owned by Ant Group, has added an AI-powered hair loss testing service. Users can self-test for baldness by sharing four images of their head. The AI platform makes recommendations on whether to seek medical advice.

This move is part of Alipay's ongoing attempts to improve the app's functionality and provide users more options than just payments.

The hair loss testing function allows users to self-test for baldness by submitting four photos of their head, including the front, top, and sides. The AI-driven platform, which is powered by Ant's own AntBrayer multimodal model, uses language and picture recognition to examine uploaded photos. It then advises users on whether they should seek medical help.

Ant Group trained the AI model on thousands of real-world hair loss cases to ensure its accuracy and reliability. This section intends to address the growing worry over hair loss among Chinese people, with a poll by China's National Health Commission indicating that roughly one in every six Chinese people, or more than 250 million people, have had hair loss-related concerns.

Cai Kefa, the project manager of the hair loss testing tool, emphasised the scientific approach of the mini app. It offers timely warnings about the onset of hair loss, helping users move away from superstitious remedies like rubbing ginger on their heads. Users have appreciated the AI advice's simplicity and efficacy, recommending it as a help for individuals coping with hair problems.

Since April, Alipay has been extending its AI health services, including a "AI medical assistant" that walks users through medical procedures and offers information on hospital waits. This service has been implemented at more than 92 hospitals in Zhejiang province, where Ant Group is headquartered.

In addition to healthcare services, Alipay has launched an AI assistant that provides over 30 services, including travel, healthcare, and government services. This illustrates Alipay's commitment to developing an all-in-one app that addresses a variety of consumer needs.

  • Alipay, operated by Ant Group, introduces an AI-powered hair loss testing feature.

  • Users can self-test for balding by uploading four pictures of their head.

  • The AI platform provides suggestions on whether to seek medical advice.

Source: SCMP

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