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Alibaba Group Plans to Hire In Mass Amidst Rumours of Layoffs

Updated: Jun 5

Alibaba Group denies layoffs, reaffirms commitment to hiring 15,000 new recruits this year.

Credits: Getty Images

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. dismissed recent reports suggesting employee layoffs, asserting its intention to onboard 15,000 individuals in 2023.

In a Weibo statement, the Chinese e-commerce giant clarified that these new hires would be distributed across its six major business divisions. Out of the total recruits, 3,000 will be university graduates. The company refuted the claims of downsizing, labeling them as baseless rumors, and emphasised that employee departures are a regular part of the workforce dynamics.

To counter the speculation, Alibaba highlighted its ongoing recruitment efforts and its dedication to fostering exceptional talent. The company affirmed, "We have consistently maintained our recruitment activities and nurturing of outstanding professionals."

  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. plans to hire 15,000 individuals this year, refuting rumors of layoffs.

  • The e-commerce platform will recruit 3,000 university graduates among the new hires.

  • Alibaba emphasised that employee departures are a natural part of the workforce cycle.

  • The company highlighted its continuous recruitment efforts and commitment to cultivating exceptional talent.

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