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Airline Harnesses AI to Enhance Flight Management

EasyJet's control hub near Luton Airport now uses artificial intelligence to better manage flights. Jetstream, a generative AI technology, allows workers to swiftly resolve challenges for pilots and ground crews. AI anticipates standby personnel requirements and proposes the best crew solutions for each operation.

According to easyJet, this unique use of AI has considerably improved the airline's flight management capabilities.

Personnel at the control centre now have access to Jetstream, a sophisticated generative AI tool. This technology allows them to quickly address concerns encountered by pilots and staff on the ground, hence increasing operational efficiency.

Johan Lundgren, easyJet's CEO, expressed his happiness with the timing of the new facilities, which arrive just in time for the busy summer season. He emphasised that the AI system can properly forecast standby crew needs and offer the best worker selections for each activity.

The control centre's around 250 employees are responsible for organising flight itineraries, allocating pilots and cabin crew, coordinating aircraft maintenance, and guaranteeing good passenger communications.

Lundgren highlighted the advantages of the new AI-powered hub, calling it "modern and bespoke." He explained that easyJet understood the potential of data to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency, resulting in a better flying experience for passengers, crew, and pilots.

The CEO also highlighted AI technology's significance behind the scenes. He added that artificial intelligence has already helped estimate the exact food and beverage requirements for specific routes, hence decreasing food waste. Furthermore, AI assists in making predictive maintenance decisions and selecting the best aircraft to meet demand.

Lundgren finished by reaffirming easyJet's commitment to further investing in and extending its expertise and application of AI technology.

  • EasyJet's control centre near Luton Airport now utilises AI to better manage flights

  • Jetstream, a generative AI tool, enables personnel to quickly solve issues for pilots and crews on the ground

  • AI predicts standby crew requirements and recommends optimal crew options for each operation

Source: BBC

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