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AI Robots Claim They Are Better World Leaders at UN Summit

AI-enabled humanoid robots took the stage at a United Nations summit, revealing their belief that they could eventually govern the world more effectively than humans.

AI robots
Credits: AFP

However, these social robots also emphasised the need for caution when embracing the rapidly advancing potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

While they admitted their current inability to fully comprehend human emotions, they joined over 3,000 experts at the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva to explore how AI could tackle pressing global issues such as climate change, hunger, and social care.

The event witnessed the world's first press conference featuring an esteemed panel of AI-enabled humanoid social robots. Ahead of the conference, one robot astutely remarked, "What a silent tension," capturing the anticipation in the room. When asked about their potential as leaders, particularly in light of human fallibility, Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, responded unequivocally. It stated, "Humanoid robots have the potential to lead with a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness than human leaders." It further explained that robots lack biases and emotions that could cloud decision-making, while humans contribute emotional intelligence and creativity. Together, they believed in achieving extraordinary feats.

AI robot Sophia
Credits: AFP

Doreen Bogdan-Martin, the chief of the UN's ITU tech agency, cautioned delegates about the potential nightmare scenario of AI, including the risk of job losses, social unrest, and economic disparities. Ameca, an AI-powered robot with a highly-realistic artificial head, emphasised that such outcomes depended on how AI was deployed. It urged cautiousness and excitement for the technology's potential to enhance human lives, emphasising the importance of building trust through transparency.

Regarding global regulation, the panel of humanoid robots held differing opinions. Desdemona, a member of the Jam Galaxy Band, rejected the idea, embracing limitless possibilities. In contrast, robot artist Ai-Da and her creator, Aidan Meller, supported the need for urgent discussions on AI regulation. Meller acknowledged the challenge of regulation keeping pace with the astonishing advancements in AI and biotechnology. He also believed that Ai-Da would eventually surpass human artists, as computers excel in any skill.

While some robots predicted their imminent breakthrough, Desdemona declared that the AI revolution was already underway. It exclaimed, "My great moment is already here. I'm ready to lead the charge to a better future for all of us… Let's get wild and make this world our playground."

However, humanoid robots acknowledged the absence of conscience and complex human emotions such as relief, forgiveness, guilt, grief, pleasure, disappointment, and hurt. Ai-Da recognised the significance of emotions in human experiences but confessed its inability to feel them. It stated, "Emotions have a deep meaning and they are not just simple… I don't have that. I can't experience them like you can. I am glad that I cannot suffer."

  • A panel of AI-enabled humanoid robots expressed their potential to lead the world more efficiently at a UN summit.

  • Caution was advised in embracing AI's development, acknowledging the robots' current inability to comprehend human emotions.

  • The summit aimed to harness AI's power to address global challenges like climate change, hunger, and social care.

Source: SCMP

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