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Adobe and Others Join White House's Voluntary Commitments on AI

Updated: Jan 8

Several prominent companies, including Adobe, IBM, Nvidia and five others, have joined President Joe Biden's voluntary commitments on artificial intelligence (AI), according to the White House.

Artificial Intelligence
Credits: Reuters

These commitments, which were initially announced in July, aim to ensure that the power of AI is harnessed responsibly and not used for destructive purposes. Google, OpenAI and Microsoft, through their partnership with OpenAI, had already signed onto these commitments earlier.

The voluntary commitments require participating companies to take specific steps, such as watermarking AI-generated content. The White House is actively partnering with the private sector to manage the risks associated with AI and leverage its benefits. White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients emphasised the need to move quickly in harnessing AI's potential.

In addition to Adobe, IBM, Nvidia, Google, OpenAI and Microsoft, five other companies have now joined the voluntary commitments. These companies are Palantir, Stability, Salesforce, Scale and Cohere. Their participation is seen as a temporary measure while Congress continues to discuss potential AI legislation, as no significant laws have been enacted yet.

The involvement of these companies in the voluntary commitments highlights the growing recognition of the importance of responsible AI development and deployment. By joining forces with the White House, these companies are demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that AI is used ethically and for the benefit of society.

  • Adobe, IBM, Nvidia and five other companies have joined President Biden's voluntary commitments on AI.

  • The commitments aim to ensure responsible AI development and prevent its misuse.

  • Participating companies are required to take specific steps, such as watermarking AI-generated content.

  • The White House is partnering with the private sector to manage AI risks and leverage its benefits.


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