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7-Eleven Malaysia Blocks E-Wallet for Utility Bills and Mobile Top-Ups

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Last month, 7-Eleven Malaysia rolled out plans to restrict payment for specific services at all of its outlets. While rumours were circulating in early January 2022, several customers confirmed this via social media posts and tech enthusiast forums just days after the rumour mill started. This is applicable nationwide.

Credit: 7-Eleven Malaysia

The payment limitations for 7-Eleven Malaysia restrict customers from using specific e-wallets to pay for selected products and services, such as utility bills, mobile prepaid top-ups, Touch ‘n Go reloads, gift cards and Razer Cash. Notably, these e-wallets, along with debit and credit cards, can still be used to make other purchases at all Malaysian 7-Eleven stores.

Besides the affected e-wallets – now only comprising Shopee Pay, Alipay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet – credit and debit cards can no longer be used for such transactions as well. Customers who have confirmed this new change have also shared that 7-Eleven will only accept cash payments for these specific transactions.

Credit: Lowyat Forum Users

At press time, 7-Eleven Malaysia has not yet shared or responded to queries in regard to these payment restrictions at its stores. There are also no updates or direct references made to this change. While are no official reasons are forthcoming, the move is likely to prevent tech-savvy customers from double-dipping for bonuses – usually cashback or free in-app currency – when paying for their utilities or mobile prepaid services.

While there are many double-dipping methods, the method most commonly used is moving funds from Touch ‘n Go to Shopee Pay for transfer bonuses that the former offers. They then earn payment bonuses when they pay with the latter. The platforms can be switched around when there are better offers.

Credit: 7-Eleven Malaysia

Oddly, 7-Eleven Malaysia – on its website – still display details and infographics on its website that explains how customers can use all the affected payment platforms to pay for their utilities and purchase top-up credit for their prepaid mobile service.

In countries within Southeast Asia that 7-Eleven operates in and has Shopee Pay and Alipay e-wallet platforms, like Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, there are no similar payment restriction moves being carried out.

  • 7-Eleven Malaysia blocks specific e-wallet transactions for utility payments and prepaid top-up purchases

  • This nationwide move rolled out in January 2022

  • It is only applicable to Shopee Pay, Alipay and Touch 'n GO

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