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TRI Starshine Review: MUST-TRY For Treble Fans!

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you love treble, you’re in for a treat. These have crazy treble performance, a lot of detail and clarity as well as a pretty good soundstage.

We have with us today the TRI Audio Starshine. TRI Audio is a Chinese audio brand that serves up more premium IEMs compared to its sister brand, KB Ear, which does more budget earphones.

So let’s talk design: these look gorgeous. I absolutely love the way the faceplates are done, with that mix of blue, silver and brown and a bunch of sparkly bits that can only be seen up close. The TRI logo looks like a trident, which is pretty cool, so I’m perfectly happy with that.

You get a pretty ergonomic shape for the shells and they’re made with resin, although it seems like the internals isn’t filled completely with resin, so they’re lighter. Not a big deal, the craftsmanship here is pretty good and I didn’t notice any flaws.