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  • Cheryl Tan

TP-Link Deco X60: Time To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Network

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Wi-Fi has been a massive enabler in our lives, and we can all agree that a good Wi-Fi coverage at home is key, especially with most of us still working from home and sharing the coverage with those who share the same roof.

As much as it has been an enabler, it can sometimes let us down with slow speeds and poor coverage, even in our own homes.

Today we will be doing a complete Wi-Fi makeover in a three-storey home with the TP-Link Deco X60 to see how a mesh network can help with Wi-Fi woes!

The owner of this beautiful home has a few issues with their wifi connection such as a weak internet connection, frequent buffering when watching videos on platforms such as Netflix or Youtube, sudden hanging and lagging of the Internet, especially when using Internet-based apps such as Google docs, sudden transition from Wi-Fi to mobile data due to lack of connectivity and zero Wi-Fi connection in certain parts of the home, despite using 3 Wi-Fi Mesh systems.

As you may know, some of the newer devices now are Wi-Fi 6 enabled, like the latest phones and laptops.

While pairing current devices with the new Wi-Fi 6 mesh is fine, using Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices will give better results.

The Deco X60 can cover up to 7,000 sqft. Not only that, but it also supports OFDMA and multi-user multi-in multi-out, meaning you can better manage wireless traffic, prevent lag and delay, and connect up to 150 devices at the same time.

It also has one SSID, meaning it comes with seamless roaming with one Wi-Fi name, so you no longer have to worry about connection disruptions when you move from point to point in the home.

Now let’s talk design.

The Deco X60 comes in White – a very modern design that will easily fit into any home aesthetic.

The main unit connects to the accompanying nodes, creating a single wireless network giving seamless network coverage within the home.

Setting up the Deco X60 is easy. All you have to do is download the Deco app and remember to wait two minutes after resetting the modem before setting everything up.

In terms of security, there is WPA3 encryption and TP-Link HomeCare which provides parental controls and built-in antivirus, ensuring a safer online experience.

With more new devices that are Wi-Fi 6-enabled today, it will certainly help to have a Wi-Fi 6 mesh system at home to enhance the performance and speed of your internet connection.

The TP-Link Deco X60 might just be the answer for you!


This content is brought to you in partnership with TP-Link.

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