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Toyota Announces Global Launch of Next-Generation Battery EVs, Targets 1,000 km Range

Updated: Jan 5

Toyota Motor plans to revolutionise the automotive industry with battery electric vehicles, aiming for a range of 1,000 km and solid-state battery commercialisation by 2027-2028.

Toyota EV

Toyota Motor, a leading Japanese automaker, has revealed its ambitious plan to introduce next-generation battery electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide by 2026. The company's dedicated EV unit, BEV Factory, will spearhead the development and manufacturing of these cutting-edge vehicles.

In addition to EV production, Toyota is actively working on a groundbreaking method for mass producing solid-state batteries with the goal of making this technology commercially available between 2027 and 2028. Solid-state batteries offer significant advantages in terms of energy density and safety compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

During a video presentation on June 8, Takero Kato, President of BEV Factory, emphasised Toyota's commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV performance. The company aims to achieve an impressive driving range of 1,000 km (621 miles) for its upcoming EVs, surpassing the long-range version of Tesla's Model 3 EV, which currently boasts a range of nearly 700 km.

Kato expressed Toyota's vision for the future, stating, "What we want to achieve is to change the future with BEVs. We will launch the next-generation battery EVs globally and offer a full lineup of these vehicles on the market from 2026." This ambitious strategy demonstrates Toyota's determination to lead the transition towards sustainable transportation.

BEV Factory, established in May, has set a target to produce approximately 1.7 million electric vehicles by 2030, marking a significant step in Toyota's commitment to electrification. The company's broader goal is to sell 1.5 million EVs annually by 2026 and reach a remarkable 3.5 million EVs which constitutes around one-third of its global volume, by 2030.

April proved to be a milestone month for Toyota's EV sales, as the automaker sold 8,584 EVs worldwide, including its luxury brand Lexus. This achievement accounted for over 1% of the company's global sales in a single month, reflecting the increasing demand for electric vehicles and Toyota's growing presence in the market.

  • Toyota plans to launch battery electric vehicles globally from 2026, powered by next-generation batteries.

  • The company aims to achieve a driving range of 1,000 km for its EVs, surpassing competitors like Tesla.

  • Toyota's dedicated EV unit, BEV Factory, targets production of approximately 1.7 million vehicles by 2030.


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