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  • Cheryl Tan

Toshiba Launches New T-Series Washing Machines For A Simpler Laundry Experience

Toshiba is a pretty well-known brand; it's safe to say most people would have owned a Toshiba-branded home appliance once in their life, from televisions to microwaves and more. Well, the brand has recently launched the new T-Series washer and dryer lineup, with the T20, T16 and T15 machines.

Credit: Toshiba

The T20 washing machine is a dual-drum washer and dryer model. The top drum is a 5KG wash-only partition meant for delicate clothing, while the bottom drum is a 10KG wash and 7KG dry drum. The T16 is a top-loading washing machine that comes in either a 10KG or 12KG model. The T15 is a front-loading washer dryer combo that comes in the 9.5KG/7.0KG, 10.5KG/7.0KG or 12.5KG/8.0KG configurations.

These also come with technology like Toshiba's Ultra Fine Bubble, which uses calculated water pressure to generate nano-sized bubbles that are supposed to be more effective at cleaning dirt and stains from clothing (present in T15 and T16 models). There's also a feature called The GREATWAVES which uses high-speed water flow and a 1,400RPM spinning rate to remove stains effectively when on a cold wash cycle (available in T15, T16 and T20).

Credit: Toshiba

Another feature that will definitely be of interest to people still using liquid detergent and softener is Ex-dot in the T16 top-loader machines. There are two plastic containers which serve to hold up to 1 litre of detergent and softener each, with a mechanical dispensing system under the lid that allows users to choose exactly how much to add to each wash. A single press on the buttons dispenses exactly 30ml so you will be able to dispense the amount that is needed for the amount of clothes to be washed.

If you're more of a front-loader person, well, the front-loading T15 and T20 have something for you as well, and that's SenseDose. The machines are equipped with a sensor that will detect the weight of the load as well as the material of the clothes, with the information being sent to a programme for calculation. From there, the machine will dispense the correct amount of detergent from its reserve, taking the need for calculation out of the picture.

Credit: Toshiba

The T15 and T20 machines also come with the ability to be controlled via the T-SmartLife app, allowing for the machine to be controlled directly from a phone.

Prices start at S$899 for the T16 model, S$1,399 for the T15 model and S$2,999 for the T20 model, with more information on the new washing machines available on Toshiba's website.

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