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Tokyo City Hall Develops Dating App to Promote Marriage and Childbirth

Tokyo City Hall is creating a dating app named "Tokyo Futari Story" to promote marriage and births. The software is set to launch later this year and will be available on mobile phones and web platforms. Specifics concerning the app, such as identification verification and required information, have yet to be finalised.

Tokyo City Hall is proactively addressing Japan's low marriage and birth rates by establishing a dating app called "Tokyo Futari Story." This effort aims to form couples in a country where an increasing number of people live alone.

While there is already an online platform providing advice and information for potential lovebirds, the city hall is also working on a dating app that is expected to be launched later this year. The app will be accessible through both mobile phones and web platforms, according to a city official.

Although exact specifics of the app have yet to be finalised, Japanese media reports indicate that it may require users to validate their identification by giving documents such as a driver's licence and tax records to verify income. Users may also be required to sign a paper declaring that they are ready to marry. However, city hall has declined to comment on the reports.

The dropping marriage rate in Japan has resulted in a record-low birth rate, according to latest health ministry data. In 2022, there were 474,717 weddings, down from 504,930 the previous year. Similarly, the number of births decreased from 770,759 to 727,277.

While the app may ask for information such as height, job, and education, a city spokesman denied that any choices had been made based on these factors.

At the national level, the Japanese government has implemented a variety of initiatives to solve the labour shortage, including financial incentives for families with children and funding for childcare facilities. In order to recruit foreign workers, the country has eased its immigration laws.

Japan witnessed a "baby boom" in the 1970s, with more than 2 million births per year. However, as with many young adults globally, fewer Japanese people are interested in traditional marriage and starting families.

One contributing cause to this tendency is Japan's tough work ethic, which frequently requires long working hours and few opportunity to meet people outside of work. Additionally, many people are concerned about the cost of raising children.

In addition to the dating app, Tokyo City Hall is planning events where singles may meet, couples can get marital counselling, and love stories can be turned into manga comics or songs.

  • Tokyo City Hall is developing a dating app called "Tokyo Futari Story" to encourage marriage and childbirth.

  • The app is expected to be launched later this year and will be accessible through mobile phones and web platforms.

  • Specific details about the app, such as identity verification and required information, are yet to be finalised.

Source: AP NEWS

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