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TikTok Unveils Text-Based Posts as Twitter Transitions to 'X'

As Twitter undergoes a mysterious transformation to "X," TikTok makes a surprising move by introducing text-based posts.


Known for its viral dances and short videos, the Chinese-owned app aims to expand content creation boundaries, allowing users to showcase their written creativity beyond comments and video captions.

TikTok, the popular Chinese-owned app celebrated for its viral lip-synced dances and entertaining challenges, has taken a bold step by launching text-based posts.

The move comes on the same day Elon Musk's Twitter announced its transformation into an "anything app" called "X," bidding farewell to its name and bird logo. TikTok's latest feature aims to empower users to explore new realms of content creation, expressing their creativity through written messages.

The introduction of text-based posts by TikTok was revealed on Monday, signalling an expansion of the platform's content offerings. Although specific data on user adoption is yet to surface, the new feature is expected to provide a fresh avenue for users to share their creativity. Previously confined to video captions and comments, users can now utilise text-based messages to express themselves more creatively.

However, in the early stages, searches for "text post" primarily resulted in humorous video genres featuring text message phone conversations, rather than the new TikTok feature itself. Nonetheless, some users have bravely shared video tutorials on how to make text posts, indicating the curiosity and enthusiasm surrounding this novel addition to the platform.

In a surprising twist amidst Twitter's transformation, TikTok's venture into text-based posts holds the promise of offering users a diverse and engaging content creation experience.

  • TikTok introduces text-based posts, diversifying content creation opportunities for users.

  • Elon Musk's Twitter undergoes a transition to an "anything app" named "X," shedding its former identity.

  • TikTok's move is aimed at expanding boundaries of creativity beyond video captions and comments.

  • Specific user adoption data for the new feature is yet to be disclosed.

  • While searches for "text post" mainly lead to humorous text message videos, some users provide tutorials on using TikTok's text-based posts feature.

Source : AP News

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