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This Is The World’s First-Ever Dolby Atmos Wireless Neckband Speaker!

If you’re like me and you enjoy watching movies, action movies particularly, late at night, you might have faced the same problem I do. Gunfire, explosions, planes rushing by overhead are all super loud noises, and with my family at home, I definitely can’t be waking them up at midnight because I want to use my Dolby Atmos surround sound system

Well, that’s where the Sony SRS-NS7 neckband speaker comes in. Thanks to Sony for sponsoring this video, and letting us try out this cool product.

This is the world’s first Dolby-Atmos enabled neckband speaker, and you might be wondering, why not headphones? Why not earbuds? Well, if you’re watching a few movies back to back, or a particularly long movie, it’s just not as comfortable as a neckband speaker.

This weighs just 318 grams, which is pretty light for something resting on your shoulders, and the underside is made with silicone so it doesn’t rub or chafe against your skin and clothes. There are two X-Balanced speaker units inside, that increase sound pressure and reduce distortion, and they’re upward-firing, with one on either side to deliver clear sound directly to the wearer’s ears, and two passive radiators on the underside as well.