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  • Mikhail Ow

The Oppo Pad 2 Is Definitely Worth Taking A Look At

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

One of the most impressive things about the Oppo Pad 2 is its large 11.6-inch display with a unique 7:5 aspect ratio, giving the screen around 10% more viewing area than typical 16:10 tablets. This makes viewing content and reading feel more immersive. If I was an avid reader and was looking for an alternative to a Kindle, this would be among my top choices.


In terms of design, the Oppo Pad 2 has a sleek aluminium body that feels premium to hold. It measures 262.9 x 184.6 x 6.54mm and weighs 552g. Personally, it feels really thin and lightweight and I was able to bring it around with me without feeling the weight of it. The tablet only comes in a silver/greyish colourway, but I don’t mind as I like that it doesn’t draw too much attention.

Performance And Audio

The powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset with 8GB of RAM powers the Oppo Pad 2. This provides plenty of processing power analogous to flagship smartphones. Storage comes in at a generous 256GB. The 11.6-inch display has a resolution of 2800x2000 and a refresh rate of 144Hz. This provides crisp detail and smooth scrolling. It supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision for vibrant colours.

Sensors include an ambient light sensor that can auto-adjust brightness. As for ports, it has a USB-C for charging and data transfer. Unfortunately, there isn’t a 3.5mm headphone jack, nor a fingerprint sensor. As for the audio, the quad speaker setup provides loud and clear sounds but lacks bass. The Dolby Atmos support does help make up for that by a bit, maintaining a level of immersiveness in the audio department.


Oppo Pad 2
Credit: Oppo Pad 2

FFor wireless connectivity, the Oppo Pad 2 offers support for dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. However, it lacks cellular connectivity, such as 5G or 4G capabilities. An option would be to share your phone’s hotspot or to use “communication sharing”. Enabling automatic connection and granting access to the phone's communication features. This includes the ability to make and receive calls and check SMS messages using cellular data. However, communication sharing relies on the connection between phones and tablets and is only compatible with specific devices running ColorOS 13.1 or a later version.

To utilise this feature, you would also need to ensure that both devices have WLAN and Bluetooth® turned on and are signed into the same OPPO account. Most devices today already include cellular connectivity, so its absence here is a huge disappointment for me.


Credit: OPPO

The device comes equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera and an equally capable 8-megapixel front camera. These cameras work fine for video calls and basic picture-taking needs. However, they may not meet the expectations of those who are particular about photo quality. In other words, the photos you take with this device might not be as stunning as those from more advanced cameras.

Keep in mind that this device isn't meant to replace any of the dedicated photo or video gadgets you might already use. But it’s worth pointing out all the same that it doesn't deliver the same level of image quality or advanced features as other tablets. Nevertheless, it can be quite handy for some light-hearted photography and experimentation.

Battery Life

One standout feature of the Oppo Pad 2 that left a strong impression on me is its remarkable 9510mAh battery. It can keep you entertained with up to 12 hours of continuous video playback on a single charge. What's even more impressive is that you can juice it up from completely empty to full in under 1.5 hours, thanks to the included 67W SUPERVOOC charger. The fact that this tablet can easily last for two whole days with light use, coupled with the speedy recharge time of under 1.5 hours, is truly amazing.

Pricing And Availability

Overall, this tablet would be more suitable for consumers looking to enjoy an all-in-one instead of a typical reading device, with the capability to message, browse the internet and access Android applications as well. What really stood out to me was the long battery life and the aspect ratio. The Oppo Pad 2 is available directly from Oppo's website in a single 8/256GB configuration for a price of SGD$799. A bundle that comes along with a keyboard cover and stylus is available as well for SGD$899. The Oppo Pad 2 provides a large, powerful and versatile tablet experience at a competitive price point suitable for both work and environment.

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