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  • Cheryl Tan

The LG 2019 Home Appliances Lineup that works for Smart Home Enthusiasts and Small Home Owners

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

The idea of a home that’s entirely smart is enticing; being able to turn on the air-conditioner before I reach home so that my house is cool the moment I step in would be amazing. But house sizes in Singapore are getting smaller, so people living in smaller homes are looking for creative ways to make everything fit. That’s where LG comes in with their 2019 lineup of home appliances that squeeze more into a smaller area.

LG 2019 Home Appliances Lineup

We travel to Seoul, South Korea with LG to take a look at the technology that goes into the making of their new 2019 home appliances. So let’s dive straight into it.

LG’s TWINWash washer and dryer system

Winning the CES 2019 Innovation Award, LG’s TWINWash washer and dryer system is a godsend for large families. It offers an extra washing space, the SideKick pedestal washer, that can be stacked under the main washer. Users can now either have additional space for their laundry load or the option to separate their whites and do both loads at the same time, saving quite a bit of time.

Another new offering, the LG 2019 washing machine is a top-loader and doesn’t have the TWINWash capabilities, but it does have the TurboWash 360 function. It was pretty cool to see the TurboWash 360 in action, with the drum rotating in two separate directions and five water jets and a pulsator at the bottom to increase agitation and clean laundry better.

Aligning with the smart home push, LG has included Wi-Fi and their AI Smart ThinQ to allow the washer and dryer to be compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Users can use voice commands or compatible apps to turn on or off the machines, start or stop loads, monitor the washing cycle and more.

There are even plans to implement AI in future iterations that can detect the weight of the load and type of clothes so that the AI can give recommendations on which type of wash cycle would be ideal. Now that takes all the guesswork out of it!

 LG styler

The LG styler isn’t a completely new product, but for its 2019 version, LG has introduced a mirror finish on the front. So after you’ve picked out your clothes from the styler, you can put it on immediately and see if your outfit works.

This closet looks particularly sleek and I love the idea of having a device in the house that can steam my clothes automatically but takes up less space than an ironing board and iron. Not to mention the best part is that I just have to hang my clothes in the closet and wait for all the creases to be removed!

Similarly, Smart ThinQ and Google Assistant has been added to this product so you can just ask “Hey Google, what’s the status on my styler?” while getting ready in the morning and you’ll be able to know exactly how long more it needs to get your clothes all set for the day.

 LG 2019 Slim French-Door refrigerator

But the product that has the most impressive streamlined transformation is the new Slim French-Door refrigerator. With most refrigerators measuring somewhere between 850 – 900 millimeters in width, the LG 2019 Slim French-Door refrigerator is just 835 millimeters wide, which gives you 20 millimeters to 65 millimeters of additional space to fit bigger storage cabinets or other designs. Definitely big space savings for people living in small homes.

With LG’s Linear Cooling technology that’s powered by the Inverter Linear Compressor, temperature fluctuations in the refrigerators are kept within ±0.5 degrees Celcius. On top of that, the Door Cooling technology uses air vents located at the top of the fridge to direct airflow to the door area, keeping items kept in the door basket just as cold as the items at the back of the fridge.

LG’s Linear Cooling technology
Pictured: LG InstaView Monitor with notes (currently not available in Singapore)

Some versions of the fridges also use the InstaView Monitor to leave notes and drawings on the fridge, which serves as helpful reminders and a great message board. While the model with the monitor isn’t available in Singapore, we can certainly hope it’ll be brought in! As with the new styler and washing machine, Smart ThinQ and Google Assistant are built-in so users can easily control the settings from their smart devices.

This is especially useful for last-minute engagements – when you are out getting snacks for a party and realize you are out of ice. Now instead of buying and lugging home a heavy bag of ice, you can use the Smart ThinQ app to turn on the Express Freeze function that will instruct your refrigerator to quickly start making ice. It’s a real-life and time saver. How convenient is that?

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