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Tencent Challenges NetEase with Launch of Dream Star

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Tencent Holdings, the world's largest video game publisher, has launched its new casual party game, Dream Star, in a direct competition with NetEase's Eggy Party.

Dream Star is a mobile game where players can compete with their friends through obstacle courses. Over 50 million users registered their interest in the game before its launch. Tencent plans to leverage its massive user base from social media platforms like WeChat and QQ to attract players to Dream Star.

Tencent is investing 1.4 billion yuan (US$197 million) in the game's first phase, primarily for an incentive scheme for content creators and the establishment of an esports ecosystem. The company is facing tough competition from domestic rivals, particularly miHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact, which is considered a rising star in the industry. NetEase's Eggy Party has already gained significant popularity, with 500 million user registrations and 100 million monthly active users.

Analysts believe that domestic gaming companies are in a critical moment to secure the top spot in the party games genre. The Chinese Lunar Year holiday is expected to be an important period for companies to achieve explosive growth. NetEase, which recently became the fourth-largest Chinese internet company by market cap, is experiencing faster growth in its gaming-related revenue compared to Tencent. However, Tencent aims to utilise its social media platforms to expand Dream Star's user base and eventually stand out from the competition in the long run.

In addition to Tencent and NetEase, other domestic gaming studios like Lilith Games and Hypergryph are also developing their own party games. Lilith Games recently began closed testing for a title called "Life Party" after securing a license from domestic regulators.


  • Tencent has launched the casual party game Dream Star to compete with NetEase's Eggy Party.

  • Dream Star is a mobile game where players compete through obstacle courses with friends.

  • Tencent plans to leverage its social media platforms to attract users to Dream Star.

Source: SCMP

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